The borrowed plumage   2007   Kaliman Gallery, Sydney

Borrowed plumage is the title given to a series of paintings and drawings shown at Kaliman Gallery, Sydney in April-May 2007. The title, which seems a bit awkward now comes from a buddist text I was reading at the time. The subject is really more about how questions of faith and belief are imaged - whats real. Justin Clemens wrote a great short text for the series titled 'Soft Target', included in the text category above. Also included in text are two diary entries of my own, one describing the origin of the title, Borrowed Plumage, although I cannot remember the publication this passage comes from. The second is from a diary I sometimes keep on the computer, this mainly deals with my thinking around the 'Noli me tangere' subject. I have included a jpeg of Titian's 'noli me tangere' in the National Gallery London, at the end of my images here.

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