Brent Harris NGV
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install 9a, 2012

Study for 'Territory' 1993 and the triptych of woodcuts 'The Dieties' 2004, Buddha, Jesus, Ganesha. These 3 prints were produced at The Singapore Tyler Print Institute, in Singapore, where in 2004 I had a 5 week residency organised through the Prints and Drawings department of the National Gallery of Australia. This was an amazing opportunity and most of the recidency was taken up working on large paper pulp works. These three woodcuts were an aside, to keep another area of the workshop busy. Again my engagement with these religious characters was not particularly religious, more a reflection on Singapore and how amazing it is to see these various religions are mashed together on this small island. On one corner may be a Hindu temple of the most extravagant colour and around the next block a gigantic golden Buddha

install 9a, 2012 by Brent Harris